Nordisk SIA

Industry:Education / Training, Translation
Phone:+371 2000 31 55
Contact person:Jānis Skalbe

Nordisk is a company providing high-class Nordic language training for companies and individuals. We are providing tutoring in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish languages. Nordisk also offers translating, publishing and consulting.

The first Nordisk language centre in the Baltic states was founded in 2007 in Latvia. Nordisk has an amazing tutoring experience with professional, responsive and helpful teachers. We are focusing on methods that will not only help you to understand and learn Nordic languages but will also learn you how to use these languages in a real life situations with your partners, colleagues, for studying or elsewhere. If you want to reach perfection in any of these languages then our native speaking teachers will help you to success in the shortest time possible!

We prefer long-term cooperation, which leads to stable partnership and good B2B relationship based on effective communication. Nordisk’s core values are:

Honesty – we are fair both to the customers and to our employees. We are honest in communicating with the client, informing about the progress of the project. We don’t make promises we cannot deliver.

Surprise – for us it is not enough with the customer satisfaction alone. Our goal is to impress the customer in an effort to give more than is expected.

Quality – Nordisk provides high quality due to our specializing in specific languages. We are continually building up our team of high qualified teachers, translators and advisers in Nordic and Baltic languages. Quality is ensured also by the fact that we respect our teachers’ and translators’ work and pay them fairly.

Nordic languages centre Nordisk

Address: Skolas street 21, 2nd floor, 209th room