FICIL Sentiment Index 2018

9 January 2019, 10:00, SSE Riga, Soros auditorium

For the fourth year in a row, FICIL will present the foreign investors’ assessment of the business environment in Latvia, taking a closer look at developments regarding access to labour, combating economic and financial crime, government-to-business interaction and more.

How does Latvia’s competitiveness appeal to foreign investors? What progress has been made and what areas need more attention? How is the work of policymakers viewed? How effective is the public sector? Is the legislative framework in line with the current business environment and what should be prioritised by the policymakers to improve the situation? How can we work together to build mutual trust?


FICIL aims to create evidence-based policy through realistic and forward-looking recommendations. The goal is to improve the overall business environment and investment climate in Latvia. The FICIL Sentiment Index tackles topical issues, such as demographic decline, digitalisation, economic competitiveness, quality of the higher education system, rule of law, as well as economic and financial crime issues.

About the FICIL Sentiment Index

The FICIL Sentiment Index is commissioned by the Foreign Investors’ Council in Latvia and prepared by Dr. Arnis Sauka, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Business at SSE Riga.

Latvia’s economic competitiveness is examined from a foreign investors’ perception about the quality of labour, education and science, health and social security, business legislation, as well as demand for products and services, attitude towards foreign investors, hard infrastructure, soft infrastructure, demography and efficiency of labour. Additionally, the research also looks into the standard of living in Latvia, as a supportive measure to evaluate the attraction and retention of a talented workforce.

The production of the FICIL Sentiment Index 2018 is generously supported by the British Embassy Riga and the U.S. Embassy in Latvia. Furthermore, we are grateful for cooperation and support from