Ericsson Latvia SIA

Industry:IT / Telecommunication
Contact person:Andrus Durejko

As an industry and society we must work together to ensure a sustainable and connected future, because what we do today sets the foundation for what’s possible tomorrow. Our purpose and vision set out the power of mobile connectivity to deliver positive change, and the focused role that Ericsson will play in shaping that change to create a better world.

Our purpose is to create connections that make the unimaginable possible. We created the technology that first connected people and will soon connect everything. But our role as a connector and orchestrator also means more – from being a key contributor to the open standards that enable our industry; to providing innovation environments to shape and prove new solutions; to driving global partnerships that scale the impact of technology for positive change. Our vision is a world where limitless connectivity improves lives, redefines business and pioneers a sustainable future. Please visit to learn more.

Local subsidiary Ericsson Latvia SIA was set up in 1998. The core business of the company is sales, installation and integration of ICT solutions, as well as provision of support and maintenance for the whole range of Ericsson products.