Kronus SIA

Contact person:Jūlija Stensgorda-Kristensena

Wooden packaging producer KRONUS is a world leader in the area of manufacturing of pallet collars and one of the leading manufacturers of pallets.

We come from Latvia and we are proud to be an enterprise with 100% Latvian capital.

As a market leader, KRONUS has great manufacturing experience and large production capacity. Every year we produce over 800 packaging specifications and millions of pallet collars & pallets that allow our clients from more than 53 countries across all the continents store and transport their products safely and in an eco-friendly manner.

We are inspired by ideas of sustainability and it is important for us to use certified raw materials that come from producer engaged in sustainable production.

It’s not only about packaging though. Over the recent years we are developing a range of raised beds for DIY gardening, as well as the manufacturing of wooden cabins. 2022 marks the launch of a separate brand Upyard for these products to further concentrate resource and talent to provide high quality wooden DIY products to the clients around the world.