Our logo

SCC in Latvia  new corporate logo truly represents the essence of Swedish business culture. It comprises of the Swedish gate, which is a symbol of strength, partnership and access between Latvia and Sweden and ingrained in our organization over the years of our service. 

Three crowns is a national emblem of Sweden often used as a symbol of official State authority by the Monarchy, the Riksdag, the Government of Sweden and by Swedish embassies around the world.

The color choice of traditional Swedish colors of blue (commitment to service) and yellow (energy and collaboration) are truly reflective on the way we want SCC in Latvia is perceived by our members, colleagues and partners. In short, we have captured in our logo all what we are striving to achieve in building a solid platform for Swedish - Latvian business relationships.

Download the SCCL Membership logo as PNG or PDF

Download the SCCL logo as white PNG or blue PNG