Membership Benefits

Being a Member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (SCCL) is an effective way of establishing new business contacts, building networks and staying informed about Latvian-Swedish business. 

All our Members receive:

  • Exclusive business network
    With around 100  members, the SCCL is one of the largest foreign Chambers in Latvia. The network includes Swedish, Latvian as well as international companies interested in Swedish-Latvian business relations and cultural activities. It also maintains an excellent relations with the other international Chambers working in Latvia. Our Members get direct access to the decision makers and stakeholders through the speaker's luncheons, breakfast meetings and seminars featuring locally, Swedish and internationally renowned speakers and top officials.
  • Branding opportunities
    The SCCL offers the possibility to host and/or sponsor events in cooperation with the Chamber. You can also use one of the many marketing tools like the monthly newsletter that the Chamber offers to market your company to a unique and extensive Swedish - Latvian target group. These include publications, website, mail-shots and much more.
  • Employee benefits
    The SCCL offers all staff of Member companies the opportunity to participate in a number of seminars, briefings, luncheons, breakfasts, presentations and social events. It is a great opportunity to thank your employees by offering them to join our educational, as well as fun events.
  • Business services and matchmaking
    Members gain access to the contact list of Swedish and Latvian companies. In cooperation with our partners we are offering matchmaking and market analysis.
  • Incentives and offers
    All members are entitled to take advantage of discounted offers on products and services provided by our member companies, listed under Member News&Incentives and included in the regular Newsletters.
  • Lobbying opportunities
    The Chamber acts for the interests of the members in relation to Latvian authorities on its own or in its capacity of being a member of the Foreign Investors’ Council in Latvia (FICIL) - a non-governmental organisation that brings together the largest companies from various countries and sectors that have made significant investments in Latvia. The SCCL is a founding member of Ficil. Currently the SCCL holds an Associate Member status at FICIL.
  • International partnership
    SCC in Latvia is a proud member of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (Sweden), therefore our Members are having an opportunity to attend the events and meet members of 11 regional Chambers in Sweden. The SCCL has an excellent Pan-Baltic collaboration with the Swedish Chambers in Estonia and Lithuania and is a Member of the wide network of the Swedish Chambers International (SCI).