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Industry:Business Services Center
Phone:+371 67227878
Contact person:Evita Kezbere

The Swedish group TaxiKurir was established in Stockholm in 1987 and was in the beginning a taxi company for business travelers. Today TaxiKurir is Sweden's largest taxi organization with 2000 vehicles providing national coverage and the group is active in several European countries.
Throughout a combination of direct ownership and franchise TaxiKurir is represented in 43 largest cities in Sweden and this coverage is increased by further 10 areas through series of cooperative agreements.
The annual turnover exceeds 3,5 billion SEK taking TaxiKurir into the "top 250" of all Swedish companies. TaxiKurir has had the Dun & Bradstreet AAA-credit rating during the last 10 years.
In 2005 TaxiKurir established a daughter company SIA Taxi Kurir Latvia with a call center in Riga, and in 2012 a call center in Daugavpils. The employees are Latvian operators with a very good knowledge of the Swedish language. Today SIA TaxiKurir Latvia has 65 employees, which receive calls from TaxiKurir Swedish speaking customers and register taxi orders. The call center handles more than 180 000 calls each month.