RISEBA University | Apply now for winter 2021 intake!

RISEBA University | Apply now for winter 2021 intake!

Up until the 16th of January 2022 students can apply of bachelors, masters and doctoral programs, here at the RISEBA University.

There are study programs offered in English language to international students across various study fields enabling prospective applicants to select the more suitable one for their professional development.

RISEBA University offers to apply for studies in these programs:

  • Bachelors programs – “Business Psychology” and “Business management”, more about programs read HERE;
  • Masters programs – “Architecture”, “Sports management”, Business management”, “International Business”, “Strategic business management”, more about masters programs read HERE;
  • Doctoral programs – Business Management” and Media Art and Creative Technologies”, more about doctoral programs read HERE.

To apply for studies, visit MY.RISEBA

Study year starts on 1th of February 2022.

For those who wish to receive special Early bird discount – 20% off first year study tuition pay, apply for studies in your desired program until the 31th of October 2021.

For those who want to join our master’s program “Sports management” or doctoral program “Media Art and Creative Technologies” RISEBA offers additional discount of - 25% off yearly tuition for all the study years. Apply for studies until the 16th of January 2022.

You can ask for advice about programs, study language, application procedure to our colleagues from External relations department. Find contacts HERE 

Information about the study language, form and application procedure also can be asked here riseba@riseba.lv