FICIL Sentiment Index 2018 published

FICIL Sentiment Index 2018 published

Foreign investors viewpoints & assessments on the investment climate in Latvia reflected in FICIL Sentiment Index 2018. Full report: 
Quote by Julia Sundberg, FICIL Chairperson of the Board: “Although at the moment investors still feel relatively good in Latvia because of the economic upturn, years of unresolved issues like the demographic downturn, availability and quality of workforce, corruption, shadow economy and others not only pose a risk that no new investment will enter Latvia, but also that existing investment might leave. This is why FICIL hopes this report can be used as a constructive tool for Latvian policy makers to improve the overall competitiveness of Latvia’s business environment.”


The Foreign Investors’ Council in Latvia (FICIL) Sentiment Index 2018 launch event will take place as a discussion among representatives of the 13th Saeima political parties and foreign investors. The discussion will be moderated by journalist Jānis Domburs.

Date: January 9th, from 10:00 till 12:00
Venue: Soros auditoriumStockholm School of Economics in Riga (Strēlnieku iela 4a)



For the fourth year in a row, FICIL has carried out an assessment of the foreign investors' sentiment regarding the developments of the business environment in Latvia. Professor Arnis Sauka will present the key conclusions of the research. Based on these conclusions, a discussion among politicians and investors will take a closer look at:

  • the availability of workforce and quality of education;
  • the rule of law, corruption and shadow economy;
  • Latvia's competitiveness attracting foreign investment.

The event will be in Latvian, simultaneous interpretation in English will be provided. The full text of the report "FICIL Sentiment Index 2018" will be available on the day of the launch event.  


About the FICIL Sentiment Index

The FICIL Sentiment Index is commissioned by the Foreign Investors' Council in Latvia and prepared by Dr. Arnis Sauka, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Business at SSE Riga.

Latvia's economic competitiveness is examined from a foreign investors' perception about the quality of labour, education and science, health and social security, business legislation, as well as demand for products and services, attitude towards foreign investors, hard infrastructure, soft infrastructure, demography and efficiency of labour. Additionally, the research also looks into the standard of living in Latvia, as a supportive measure to evaluate the attraction and retention of a talented workforce.

The production of the FICIL Sentiment Index 2018 is generously supported by the British Embassy Riga and the U.S. Embassy in Latvia. Furthermore, we are grateful for cooperation and support from