National Day of Sweden

National Day of Sweden

Sweden’s National Day 

Since 1983, Sweden has celebrated its National Day on 6 June. It is the date on which Gustav Vasa was elected king in 1523. This laid the foundation of Sweden as an independent state, and on the same date a new, important constitution was adopted in 1809.

The last time people in general took an active interest in Sweden as a nation-state was at the turn of the century (around 1900, that is) when national-romantic winds were blowing through the country and folklore societies and local history museums were established.

It was then that 6 June first became a day of celebration.

In 2004, the Swedish parliament voted to make it a public holiday, which may cause people to become more interested in celebrating it. This decision took decades to reach − various proposals had been discussed under a succession of governments. The public holiday was finally implemented in 2005.

Congratulations, Sweden!