Sweden chairs N5 & NB8 in 2024

Sweden chairs N5 & NB8 in 2024
SWEDEN CHAIRS N5 & NB8 IN 2024 ????
This year, Sweden will chair both the Nordic and Nordic-Baltic cooperation formats! Continued and strengthened support for Ukraine both regionally and globally, as well as a deepened security dialogue will be among Sweden’s top priorities. Here are some facts about the N5 and NB8 formats:
???????? The five Nordic countries have cooperated closely since the end of World War II.
???????? The Nordic Council was established in 1952 to facilitate parliamentary cooperation between the countries.
???????? The same year, a Nordic passport union was established.
???????? The Helsinki agreement of 1962 formalized the Nordic cooperation format.
???????? The Nordic Council of Ministers was established in 1971, as a platform for Nordic governments to cooperate.
???????? In 1992, following the regained independence of the Baltic countries, a cooperation agreement between the Nordic Council and the newly-founded Baltic Assembly was signed.
???????? In 2000, the designation NB8 for Nordic-Baltic cooperation was adopted.
???????? Since 2008, the coordination of the NB8 format has been rotated annually between the countries. Last year, the coordinating country was Latvia.