Woodlife Sweden at Archtober | October 18–22

Woodlife Sweden at Archtober | October 18–22

On October 18–22, Swedish Design Movement is taking the opportunity during Archtober to arrange Woodlife Sweden at Archtober – five seminars highlighting how wood as a vital renewable material will play a key role in tackling the looming paradigm shift in the construction industry.

Woodlife Sweden at Archtober includes five seminars spanning circular interior design, sustainable housing complex, networks for innovation, system change within the building industry and global cooperation. The seminars are open and accessible for all.

Forests make up 70 percent of Sweden’s area and forest products have long been one of Sweden’s largest export product. The enormous assets are also clearly visible in Swedish architects’ views on house construction. Today, 90 percent of all single-family houses in Sweden are built of wood, and 14 percent of multi-family houses over two floors have a wooden frame. Since the build material is just around the corner, the climate impact can be greatly reduced throughout the construction process.

Woodlife Sweden at Archtober | Wood construction in focus – modular building, and innovation as motor for regional development. Digital round table discussion co-hosted by Swedish Wood

OCTOBER 20 AT  15:00-16:00 CET


Ivan Rupnik, Architect, Founding Partner at ModX, assoc. Professor at Northeastern University, faculty of Architecture, Boston, USA.
Therese Kriesel, Architect SAR/MSA, Head of Urban planning, Skellefteå
Oskar Norelius / Robert Schmitz, Architect SAR/MSA, Lead architect, Partner, White arkitekter
Alexander Landborn, Structural engineer, Resp. Sustainability, Architecture and Climate strategy / Link Arkitektur
David Olivegren, Co-Founder and production manager, Modvion, Göteborg

Moderator: Susanne Rudenstam, CEO Swedish wood building council.

Link to the seminar: https://svenskainstitutet.zoom.us/j/88917208487

Photo: Jonas Westling / Martinsons