Chamber welcomes a new member - MENTOR LATVIA

Chamber welcomes a new member - MENTOR LATVIA

A warm welcome to a new member in 2023 MENTOR LATVIJA  joining the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (SCCL) as an NGO member!

Looking forward to a mutual collaboration sharing the values in building a better society!

Please get acquainted with Mentor Latvia:

Mentor Latvia is an NGO that works with youth from social risk groups who lack family support. We provide individual mentoring program for teenagers from alternative care – youth homes, orphanages, and foster families. Since 2010 Mentor Latvia has provided support for more than 500 young people on their transition into adulthood.

Mentor Latvia is a member organisation of Mentor International, founded in 1994 in Sweden.
Our core values are focused on young people well-being:
Empower: equip young people with tools to strengthen self-esteem
Inspire: encourage young people to invest in their futures
Motivate: support young people as they navigate the transition to adulthood
Mentoring program creates environment where every young person feels heard and accepted.

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