Riga International Film Festival and Nordic Highlights

Riga International Film Festival and Nordic Highlights

About the Festival

Riga International Film festival was launched in 2014. RIGA IFF has since developed a programme structure that paints a wholesome picture of the most daring and important European cinema today and allows for successful curation of Latvian film within a larger context.

Part of the festival’s infrastructure is the legendary cinema house Splendid Palace (member of Europa Cinemas), it hosts most of the film programme and events. The festival features several international competition programmes, headed by a multi-genre feature film competition within which an international jury chooses a title for the RIGA IFF Award each year.

Cinematic Accents of Nordic Countries

This special panorama reveals the Nordic style in cinematic storytelling, which is perhaps the closest to our understanding of film’s pace, visuality, mood, and humor, of course. The north is much closer than it might seem.

The selection of films has traditionally been developed in cooperation with the embassies of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, as well as the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia and the Danish Cultural Institute in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Follow the RigaIFF and its program here: https://rigaiff.lv/2019/en/programme-2019/nordic-highlights/